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Tooth pain can severely impact your quality of life. Eating and sleeping can become nearly impossible. If the sensation is intense enough, you may be unable to think about anything else. When you come to our team with a bad tooth, we have two priorities: Alleviate your pain and save the tooth if it all possible. We can usually end your discomfort very quickly. However, if the tooth is severely decayed or damaged, we may not be able to preserve it. In such cases, you can count on our skilled and experienced doctors to remove the problem gently and compassionately. We’re your go-to practice for tooth extractions in New Albany, MS!

What Makes Tooth Extractions Necessary

  • Extreme tooth decay
  • Disease or infection
  • Damage from oral trauma
  • Stubborn baby teeth
  • Teeth overcrowding
  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Dental implant placement
tooth decay graphic
dental implant model

Two Critical Follow-Up Steps

Once your problem tooth is gone, you’ll feel much better. But you’ll still have two important steps to take. The first is giving yourself proper aftercare. A protective blood clot usually forms over an empty socket after a tooth extraction. If this clot either doesn’t form or comes loose before you’ve finished healing, the bone and nerves inside the socket can become exposed. Known as dry socket, this condition causes intense pain—possibly worse than the decayed tooth. To avoid it, follow all of our team’s post-extraction instructions carefully.

The second step is to regain your smile with dental implants. The most natural-looking—and only permanent—tooth replacement option available today, dental implants give you a strong, complete smile. The alternative—leaving a gap in your smile—can make you feel embarrassed and affect your ability to eat and speak normally. Worse still, it can cause your jawbone to decay, giving your face a sunken appearance and requiring additional treatments. Empowered by advanced training in dental implants, our team can restore the function, health, and esthetics of your mouth. After tooth extractions in New Albany, MS, let us elevate your confidence to new heights with implants!

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