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Your Smile, Fully Restored

With no healthy teeth left in your mouth, enjoying a normal life is virtually impossible. All those daily activities others take for granted—eating, speaking, laughing, smiling—are an ongoing challenge. It’s hard to feel good about yourself with your teeth in such a condition. The team here at Rowan Family Dentistry is exceptionally skilled at restoring happy smiles and fulfilling lives. Even if you have no teeth, we can help! We transform lives every day with full mouth dental implants in New Albany, MS.


Guided by advanced dental implant training, state-of-the-art dental technology, and a passion for esthetics, our doctors provide predictable yet surprising results. In addition to dental implants, we can offer you implant supported dentures, which give you the secure fit of dental implants, as well as traditional dentures. Let’s discuss the best way to put a healthy, full, striking smile back on your face! We invite you to schedule a free, personalized consultation without delay. Come see for yourself why we’ve been repeatedly named “Best Dental Office” in the New Albany, MS area.

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Your Restoration Options

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Removable Dentures

Conventional dentures are an economical solution to extensive tooth loss. We offer modern, digitally designed dentures that are created to your unique specifications.

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Implant Supported Dentures

One step closer to natural teeth, two dental implants are placed in the jawbone acting as anchors to a denture prosthesis. This approach adds biting power and lasting security to your smile.

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Fixed Full Mouth Dental Implants

Offering All-on-4® full mouth dental implants means we can give you a natural-looking and functional smile in just one day—all with only four or more dental implants. The closest thing to natural teeth, this solution can restore complete oral function for years to come!

Life After Full Mouth Dental Implants

  • A lifetime of healthy smiles
  • Complete, natural-looking smile restoration
  • No more embarrassment about your teeth
  • Greater self-confidence
  • A more enjoyable selection of foods
  • Normal, unaffected speech
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Dr. Rowan discusses full arch replacement – FAQs

Three Steps To A Spectacular Smile

Come Meet with Us

During your initial consultation, we’ll discuss your eligibility for implants, get to know your personal smile goals, and help you determine which full mouth restoration solution is best for you. Most of our patients come to us already eligible for dental implants. If you don’t immediately qualify, we may be able to change that with just a few initial treatments. During the same visit we’ll do a full examination of your mouth and take images with our in-house cone beam CT (CBCT) scanner. This revolutionary machine enables us to render 3D images of the treatment area with minimal radiation output. It’s safer than and superior to conventional imaging equipment.

With the data we gain from the CBCT, we can extensively plan your dental implant procedure, ensuring faster and more predictable results. This includes creating a customized stackable guide that enables us to do a highly precise placement. Once your examination is complete, we’ll schedule your placement procedure!

Get a New Smile in One Day

When you return for full mouth dental implants in New Albany, MS, we have two main goals. The first is to make you comfortable using sedation for a pain-free procedure. Once you’re sedated, we can perform any of those initial treatments, if needed. These include tooth extractions to make room for your implants and bone grafting to create a healthy foundation for your implants. Our second goal is to restore your full smile with exceptional precision—in just one appointment! Your customized stackable guide, developed with the assistance of implant industry leader Nobel Biocare, makes this possible.

We place the guides over your gums. From there, implant placement becomes as straightforward as inserting durable, biocompatible posts into your jawbone through the guide. This invaluable tool helps us place the screw-like posts at just the right angle and depth for a comfortable, lasting fit. With Nobel’s renowned All-on-4® full mouth dental implants protocol, we can secure your new implants on as few as four implant posts per arch. That’s 12 sets of teeth roots replaced by just four posts! This minimizes costs, treatment sites, treatment time, and healing time. Finally, we place temporary restorations on the implants so you can immediately reclaim your smile. You can go home ready to enjoy all the benefits of a full set of teeth again!

Reclaim Your Life

While you’re getting reacquainted with carefree eating, speaking, and smiling, your mouth will heal from the implant procedure. The process takes up to six months but is critical to the longevity of your new smile. During healing your implants will undergo a process called osseointegration—fusing with and becoming a permanent part of your jawbone. Once this phase is complete, you’ll return for final restoration of your full mouth dental implants in New Albany, MS. Your new teeth will be uniformly beautiful, strong, and healthy—something you haven’t experienced in a long time. And something you’ll get to enjoy for life, with proper care.

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A Complete Smile Is Completely Affordable

If you think the prospect of having a perfect smile for life is beyond your budget, think again! We want you to have healthy teeth and a healthy life. And we’ve taken steps to help you afford it. During your free consultation we can tell you about our flexible, affordable financing options, which include third-party financing and prepayment. Our office staff will also work with your dental insurance provider to ensure you get the most out of your plan benefits.

To give you some perspective on price, implant supported dentures, which provide the secure fit of dental implants, start at $10,000. Full mouth dental implants, priceless though they may be, start at $20,000, and are made to last a lifetime. With our payment options, you’ll be able to break the total cost into smaller, more manageable monthly payments. Don’t let anything stand between you and a confident smile, worry-free conversations, satisfying meals, and just greater overall enjoyment of life. With our help, you don’t have to!

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Ready To Really Live Again?

Full Mouth Dental Implants Restore More Than Your Teeth.