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We want you to view Rowan Family Dentistry as more than the place you go to see a dentist in New Albany, MS. We consider our patients our friends and neighbors. This is why making you feel welcome and comfortable is so important for us. We translate this notion directly to dentistry. Exceptional dental care is not only our profession. We believe it’s what you, our valued patient and friend, deserve.

We’re a family dental practice that has built many strong relationships over the years. We’ve been privileged to serve multiple generations of some New Albany-area families. We’re also pleased to serve our community by giving back to it whenever we can. This includes supporting our local Boys & Girls Club. Our goal is to help our patients live happy, healthy lives. Dentistry is only one part of that.

Why Choose Us?

  • In practice since 1995
  • Consistently voted “Best Dental Practice”
  • One location for all dentistry services
  • State-of-the art facility
  • Personalized care
  • Team of distinguished doctors
  • Hand-picked, knowledgeable staff
  • Strong community connection
  • Consistently positive reviews

Hometown Service Meets Modern Technology

A good dentist in New Albany, MS is one that’s equipped with advanced tools. More predictable results. Faster, less-invasive treatment. We’re able to offer these with our sophisticated dental technology:

With CBCT we’re able to capture high-resolution 3D images of your mouth with a fraction of the radiation output of conventional imaging equipment. Using these images, we’re able to do precise pre-planning for your dental implant placement, yielding the best outcomes.

We use this compact laser technology to painlessly identify cavities, decay, and other dental conditions that aren’t visible to the unaided eye. This tool enables us to help you avoid severe pain and the need for root canals later on.

Using this small, wand-like camera, we can take sharp, close-up pictures of your teeth. This allows us to easily diagnose visible issues and also show you where some of the problem areas are.

Imagine having a procedure done using ultrasonic vibrations instead of a scalpel. PIEZOSURGERY makes it possible. With it, we can complete work in a highly specific area without harming adjacent healthy tissues.

One of the advanced techniques we use for treatment is already within you. PRGF are found in your blood and, when applied a certain way, can help you recover faster and with fewer complications. We isolate PRGF from a small sample of your blood and then reintroduce it into a treatment site to hasten healing.

This tool empowers us to execute highly targeted procedures in a minimally invasive way. With it, we can provide gum disease treatment without the need for invasive surgery.

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