Danger Beyond Your Gums

Gum disease has the potential to permanently harm your dental health. Left unchecked, it can endanger your systemic health as well. What starts as red, painful, infected gums can progress into conditions as serious as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. The great news about gum disease is that it’s preventable—and also curable at an early stage! Just be sure to brush and floss your teeth and have regular professional teeth cleanings and checkups. If you ever require care for gum disease in New Albany, MS, we’re the team to trust. Our skilled, caring doctors offer highly effective, minimally invasive treatments including laser gum surgery. Contact us at the first appearance of symptoms!

Warning Signs Of Gum Disease

  • Tender, inflamed or bleeding gums
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Loose, mobile teeth
  • Gum recession
  • Toothaches
gum disease graphic

Scalpel-Free Gum Disease Treatment

Rowan Family Dentistry has a secret weapon against gum disease. This incredible technology performs the role of a scalpel, sutures, and medications. The laser destroys bacteria while we make incisions, then helps us seal the treatment area afterward. With it we can deliver care that’s faster and more precise than conventional methods and produces less pain and bleeding. Fewer post-treatment complications too. This tool has revolutionized gum disease treatment—and we use it right here to defeat gum disease in New Albany, MS.

dental patient undergoing laser treatment

Key Gum Disease Treatments

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Scaling And Root Planing

During scaling we clear bacteria from between your gums and teeth. With root planing, we do the same down at the tooth root level, then smooth out the roots to prevent bacteria from returning. With scaling and root planing we’ll make your gums look and feel healthy again!

dental patient undergoing periodontal maintenance

Periodontal Maintenance

After you’ve undergone your initial gum disease treatment, we usually have you come back to our office for periodontal maintenance several times per year. These appointments give us the opportunity to perform additional scaling and root planing to keep gum disease-causing bacteria at bay. Periodontal maintenance, in combination with a regular home dental hygiene regimen, can keep your gum disease from ever causing you problems again.

dental patient with gum disease

Don’t Let Gum Disease Get A Foothold!

Prevention And Early Treatment Are Key.