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A Root Canal Is More Than You Think

When you hear the term “root canals” you might think about a specific dental procedure. That’s partly correct. Root canals are both the name of the treatment and of the area being treated. These narrow channels are where the pulp and nerves—all the living tissue—are located in your teeth. If infection from a cavity spreads into this area the resulting pain can be severe.

Not to worry! We can repair and save this kind of tooth with a root canal procedure. No extraction necessary! Driven by advanced endodontic training, we’re the team to trust for root canals in New Albany, MS. Our highly credentialed doctors will put your tooth pain behind you and enable you to eat, speak, and smile comfortably again!

The Root Canal Procedure

Through an examination and in-office imaging we’ll determine if you’re a candidate for root canal treatment. If so, we can restore your tooth to good health during your very next visit! On the day of your appointment, our first priority is to make you comfortable with local anesthetic, nitrous oxide, or a combination of both. Once you’re relaxed, we’ll access the pulp chamber inside the infected tooth by making an opening in the crown. We’ll then remove all signs of infection from the area, sanitize it, then reshape the root canals to accommodate a special filling. Known as gutta-percha, this is a durable material that we use specifically in root canal cases.

It’s no ordinary cavity we’re filling! To ensure the tooth gives you reliable performance for many years to come, we’ll typically finish by restoring it with a new crown. Many practices require you to see an outside provider—another appointment in another location—to get crowns. We offer the convenience of in-house placement. With a new crown, created especially to fit your mouth and match the color of the surrounding teeth, you’ll forget you ever had issues in the first place. Get back to the comfortable life you once enjoyed. Rely on our team to rehabilitate your root canals in New Albany, MS.

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Typical Tooth Infection Symptoms

  • Acute tooth pain
  • Recent temperature sensitivity in the teeth
  • Redness or inflammation of the gum tissue
  • Abscesses or pimples on the gums
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Don’t Worry Over Root Canals

Your Tooth Restoration Experts Are Here.