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Find The Foundation Of Your Smile

Jawbone loss is a vicious cycle. If you lose a tooth to decay, the bone underneath can recede, jeopardizing surrounding teeth and leading to further tooth loss! Bone loss makes it difficult to eat, drink, laugh, and smile. It steals your distinctive, youthful appearance away from you. It takes your self-confidence with it. We have the solution! Using our in-house cone beam CT scanning technology, we can diagnose your bone loss issues using a fraction of the radiation of conventional equipment and only seconds of your time. With our cutting-edge treatment, our team can restore lost bone by placing bone samples, or grafts, in the recessed areas. These grafts permanently fuse with the existing bone as the treatment area heals. With your jaw restored, you can get the beauty and function of your teeth back permanently—in the form of dental implants. Our exceptional experience and results make Rowan Family Dentistry your undeniable source for bone grafting in New Albany, MS.

What You Can Regain

  • Adequate bone volume to anchor dental implants
  • Your distinctive jawline
  • A more youthful look
  • Greater self-confidence
  • A balanced facial appearance
  • More stable teeth

Bone Grafting Procedures

We put many types of advanced technology and techniques—and our own extensive expertise—into regrowing your lost jawbone.

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Scalpels are no longer a given for certain dental procedures. Now we can shape bone tissue using ultrasonic vibrations instead. PIEZOSURGERY makes it possible for us to perform highly precise work that leaves adjacent healthy tissues untouched.

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Plasma-Rich Growth Factors (PRGF)

We can accelerate your healing after bone grafting with PRGF. Naturally found in plasma, PRGF are isolated from a small sample of your blood and introduced into the treatment site. No outside donors are needed. PRGF have been shown to regrow bone at a rapid rate.

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Ridge Augmentation

Your jawbone can lose its strength and shape after you undergo a tooth extraction. With ridge augmentation, we reshape the bone to its natural appearance, structure, and esthetics. You’ll look and feel like you again!

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Sinus Lift

When your upper jawbone deteriorates your sinus cavity can collapse. With a sinus lift, our team places bone graft material underneath the affected sinus cavity to reestablish your bone mass and put your sinus back into proper position.

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Get Your Smile Back

Start With Bone Grafting.