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Let Us Fully Restore Your Smile

Having a few missing teeth means settling for a poor quality of life. Every meal is a challenge. Every conversation an embarrassment. Your self-confidence is at an all-time-low. At Rowan Family Dentistry we can help you enjoy life fully once again. Dental implants give you the freedom to eat what you want, speak naturally, and smile without worry. They look, feel, and perform just like real teeth—and they’re made to last a lifetime. Dental implants never develop cavities and will stay the same bright color as the day you got them. If you need dental implants in New Albany, MS, trust our skilled team.


Empowered by advanced training in dental implants, sophisticated dental technology, and a passion for beautiful smiles, our doctors deliver consistent, outstanding results. Since 1995, we’ve helped countless patients in the area have happier, healthier lives. It’s no wonder we’ve been consistently voted the “Best Dental Office” in New Albany, MS. Our solutions for multiple missing teeth don’t stop at implants either. We can also offer you partial dentures and bridges. Schedule a consultation and see what we can do with your smile.

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Three Tooth Replacement Options

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Partial Dentures

Removable partial dentures, or partials, can replace the gap left by one or more missing teeth using a custom-made prosthetic. Some function is restored.

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Dental Bridges

Anchored to adjacent teeth, a dental bridge actually “bridges” the gap left by missing teeth by using surrounding teeth as support. Some function is restored.

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Dental Implants

A custom crown or bridge is attached to a titanium dental implant permanently placed in the jawbone. Complete function and esthetics are restored.

What Can Dental Implants Do For Your Smile?

  • Keep it healthy for life
  • Provide a full set of natural-looking teeth
  • Put an end to your ongoing embarrassment
  • Give you a tremendous confidence boost
  • Enable you to eat your favorite foods
  • Allow you to speak normally
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Dr. Rowan discusses full arch replacement – FAQs

Phenomenal Teeth In Three Phases

Getting to Know You

If you’re not already eligible for dental implants, you more than likely can be soon. We may need to do a few preliminary procedures to prepare your mouth for implants. This is just one of the factors we’ll determine during your free, personalized consultation here at our office. We’ll also discuss your smile goals. We need to understand your vision for your smile in order to develop a tailored treatment plan that can help us achieve it.

This initial visit also includes a full dental examination. During this we use our in-house cone beam CT scanner to capture detailed 3D images of your mouth. Operating with a fraction of the radiation output of comparable equipment, this technology gives us a complete picture of your dental health beneath the surface. Armed with this information, we’re able to do extensive planning ahead of the procedure for the best outcomes. From it, we can develop the design for a customized stackable guide that will make implant placement faster, smoother, and more precise.

Placing Your Implants with Precision

When you come back for dental implant placement, our first task is to make you comfortable with sedation. Once you’re relaxed, our New Albany, MS dental implant team will begin any necessary related procedures you might need, like a tooth extraction or, if your jawbone has begun to recede, bone grafting to rebuild it. If you’ve been missing teeth for a long time, you’re more likely to need bone restoration to support dental implants. Remember that stackable guide we mentioned above? Here’s where it comes into play. We get your customized guide from a renowned manufacturer and put it over your gums before placement. We then surgically insert durable, biocompatible, screw-like implant posts into your jawbone using the guide as our template. With it, we’re able to place your implants at just the right angle for a comfortable fit and lasting performance. Our team uses Nobel Biocare products extensively—implants, guides, and planning technology—so you can be sure nothing but top-quality products are going into your smile. Nobel is an industry leader in dental implants. We’ll anchor temporary dental crowns, or depending upon where you’re missing teeth, implant supported bridges to the implant posts during this visit. You’ll be able to begin enjoying a normal life again while your jaw is healing and your custom crowns or bridges are being made for you!

Restoring Your Smile

It usually takes several months for an implant site to heal after the placement procedure. During healing your implants will fuse with your jawbone—a process called osseointegration—becoming a permanent part of your body. After you’ve finished healing, you’ll return for final restoration of your dental implants in New Albany, MS. These will be crowns or bridges that match the color and size of your existing teeth. Once we place those, we’ll send you on your way with a happy, healthy, and harmonious smile!

Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3

A New Smile Within Your Budget

If this whole process seems like it’s meant for someone else—it’s not! Keep in mind that we can connect you with some flexible, affordable financing options, including third-party financing and prepayment discounts. We’ll also work with your insurance to maximize your benefits. As today’s only permanent replacement option for missing teeth, dental implants have a tremendous value beyond their price tag. Carefree smiles and laughter. A satisfying selection of meals. A strong self-image. For their actual cost, it’s best to come in for your free consultation. This will enable us to determine how many implants our team will need to place, and if any other treatments will be needed. Let’s get the process started!

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