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All-on-4® Treatment Concept

All-on-4 model diagram at Rowan Family Dentistry Nobody wants to lose their teeth, yet for millions of Americans, missing teeth is their reality. Whether it's from tooth decay, periodontal disease, or genetics, having tooth loss can take its toll on your self-esteem. Missing teeth can make a person not want to smile out of shame or embarrassment, holding them back from forming lasting intimate relationships or preventing them from advancing at work. No matter the reason you have missing teeth, we here at Rowan Family Dentistry can help restore your smile with All-on-4® dental implants. This easy procedure not only can give you back your confidence, but it can also improve your quality of life.

What Are All-on-4® Dental Implants?

While dental implants offer a natural appearance, for many patients, it's simply not an option. Whether they have a severe bone loss, or they cannot handle the multiple surgeries required to have them placed inside their mouth, they are often left with limited options on prosthetic teeth.

Dentures can be inconvenient and, if they're ill-fitting, they can be painful and cause abrasions and lesions in your mouth. While they're a good option for many of our patients, they're not as natural appearing as implants and can cause problems with speaking. That's where All-on-4® dental implants truly stand out.

Instead of requiring multiple surgeries, All-on-4® can often be completed in a single day, even when extractions are still required. This is a great choice for people who cannot wait or cannot handle having several implants placed. Instead of replacing every tooth with an implant, All-on-4® uses just four posts for the implants to rest upon.

Crafted from durable titanium, these posts are surgically implanted directly into your jawbone. For either the upper and the lower arch, a total of four of these titanium screws are required for a secure fit. The titanium then fuses to the bone, giving you a permanent and lasting implant. The posts will be placed in both the front and the back of your mouth to ensure an even fit. Over time, your remaining bone will be stronger and healthier, giving you a lasting improvement to your smile.

While there are many advantages to All-on-4® dental implants, sometimes complications do arise following the procedure. Keep an eye out for any excessive bleeding and swelling, but we will prescribe medication to help with any discomfort after your procedure. A little discoloration (a “bruised” appearance) around your gums is to be expected, and you may notice a sore throat and slightly chapped lips. You can use salt rinse up to three times a day to help with this, and lip balm may be applied to help with your dry lips.

Don't smoke after the procedure, and if you typically exercise, give yourself around four or five days to fully recover before you start working out again. Be aware of any signs of infection, such as a high fever, and excessive bleeding or discharge from the site. However, the failure rate is extremely low, with a success rate of over 99 percent for patients who have implants, and compilations are quite rare.

If you suffer from tooth loss and you're looking for an attractive and permanent option to replace your missing teeth, you may be a good candidate for All-on-4® Treatment Concept dental implants. Please give us here at Rowan Family Dentistry a call today at (662) 598-0155 for more information or to schedule a consultation for this procedure.
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