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Whitening (KöR Whitening)

A smile of a woman after teeth whitening at Rowan Family DentistryDoes the sight of your stained and yellowed or brown teeth embarrass you? Do you hesitate to smile due to the shame of your discolored teeth? Having stained, unsightly teeth is highly common, and 80 percent of Americans admit that they want whiter teeth. However, for many of these people who crave a brighter smile, many more of them hesitate about treating it because they are either ashamed or afraid of any associated discomfort from this procedure. We here at Rowan Family Dentistry are proud to offer KöR Whitening to our patients, giving them not only improved self-esteem and confidence, but also a happier, whiter smile.

How KöR Whitening Can Help Improve My Smile

Not every dental procedure can boast that they are the best in the world, but KöR isn't ashamed to make that claim. They hold the position as perhaps the most effective tooth whitening system in the world, offering unmatched quality and results. KöR was invented by an American dentist and works by using refrigerated, powerful gels. Unlike conventional gel treatments, KöR's gels are chemically stable, delivering a product that consistently works as expected. KöR is even effective against the most stubborn stains, including hard-to-remove tetracycline stains!

KöR Whitening works in several different ways, making it stand out against its competitors. For instance, while most types of gels have a limited window of effectiveness (typically about a half hour), KöR works up to six hours after application because it uses custom-fitted trays and a unique blend of chemicals and peroxide that aren't deactivated by the enzymes in your saliva.

KöR provides permanent results because it works against deeper stains, combating even the worst discoloration. Using KöR typically involves one deep-cleaning session at our office, followed by two weeks of treatment at home. Monthly maintenance is advised to keep your teeth white and bright and your results permanent. As a bonus, KöR does not come with the usual pain and sensitivity that comes with other tooth-whitening programs because of the special blend of chemicals in the gel. This inhibits your pain receptors, making your teeth less sensitive to heat and cold, which could normally happen after other types of whitening treatments.

To be completely effective, KöR has to be used for the rest of your life as part of a maintenance program. You can't just use it, then expect to be done. It does require a commitment on your part to ensure your happiness and success with your results. Furthermore, KöR Whitening isn't for all patients; we recommend that you be at least over 14 years old to use KöR. If you have dental veneers, crowns, or false teeth, then you may not be a good candidate for KöR, as it is not as effective on these less-porous appliances.

If you struggle with embarrassing stains on your teeth and you're looking for an effective and permanent tooth-whitening system, then KöR Whitening may be a good fit for you. For more information about KöR, or to schedule an appointment with a consultation for KöR Whitening, please give us a call here at Rowan Family Dentistry at (662) 598-0155 today.
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"I didn't think you could feel peaceful in a dentist office - somehow Rowan has managed to fix that. All the latest equipment (way less noise), comfortable atmosphere, everyone there smiles and talks to you, and they simply do a great job of informing you what's needed. I Highly recommend Rowan Family Dentistry!!" ~Shane S.

"My family loves Rowan Family Dentistry! They have always taken such great care of us over the years, from routine cleanings to braces on my whole family! We wouldn't go anywhere else!" ~Jessica H.

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